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I Read 7 Books in 7 Days | A Reading Challenge

In the last week of August, I took part in (and somehow completed) a 7 day reading challenge with some of the editorial committee for my university's student newspaper. There were 7 prompts to complete and the aim was to read 7 books and fulfil all the prompts. I really thought I'd fail this–I originally… Continue reading I Read 7 Books in 7 Days | A Reading Challenge

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#junerereadathon | A Readathon Announcement

I love rereading books. I had such an obsession with rereading my favourite books when I was younger than I barely ever bought any new books, and instead read the same three series on repeat. I loved them so much that I didn't want to spend time reading any other books when I could be… Continue reading #junerereadathon | A Readathon Announcement