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10 Ways to Add Audiobooks to your Daily Routine

I was very skeptical about audiobooks when I first started bookstagram, and I still am quite picky (if I don't like the narrator's voice, I can't listen to it), but I've gone from listening to no audiobooks at all to audiobooks making up about half of my total reading over the past 6 months. I… Continue reading 10 Ways to Add Audiobooks to your Daily Routine


Before I Say I Do | Review

Title: Before I Say I Do Author: Vicki Bradley Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK Genre: Psychological Thriller / Crime / Police Procedural Rating: ★★★★★ SPOILER ALERT | this review contains minor details about characters and plot elements. This is a psychological thriller that will blow your mind, and scare you just a little bit! I… Continue reading Before I Say I Do | Review

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A Collection of the Weird Things I’ve Done Since Joining Bookstagram

When I joined bookstagram in July 2019, I only knew I wanted to read more books. I didn't know that I'd end up falling in love with the bookstagram community, start a blog, love taking photographs and changing up my style, become obsessed with charity shops or end up with over 100 physical books on… Continue reading A Collection of the Weird Things I’ve Done Since Joining Bookstagram

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#junerereadathon | A Readathon Announcement

I love rereading books. I had such an obsession with rereading my favourite books when I was younger than I barely ever bought any new books, and instead read the same three series on repeat. I loved them so much that I didn't want to spend time reading any other books when I could be… Continue reading #junerereadathon | A Readathon Announcement


The Starless Sea | Review

Title: The Starless Sea Author: Erin Morgenstern Publisher: Doubleday Books (Penguin) Genre: Fantasy Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★ SPOILER FREE The Starless Sea is a literary work of art. All writing is art, but this novel is ART. It is beautiful and captivating and I fell utterly in love with it. I was enchanted by Morgenstern's wonderful prose,… Continue reading The Starless Sea | Review