Review Policy

I’m always open to receiving review requests, both from publishers and authors. It means a lot that anyone would consider emailing me to ask to read their work and I am grateful for every review request I receive. Unfortunately I cannot accept every review request I receive or I’d never be able to read and review everything, but I do my best to accept every book I genuinely think I will enjoy.

In A Review Request, It Would Really Help Me If You Included:

  • Title, author, genre and summary of the book
  • The book’s release date and a time frame in which you would like my review by
  • What format you intent to send the book in
  • Any additional reasons why you think I might enjoy it, e.g. from a previous review I’ve done, a bookstagram post, a post where I’ve talked about the genre etc.

Below, I have added all the genres I can think of that I love and the genres that I definitely don’t read so that anyone thinking of making a request can have a quick check to make sure their book is something I would (hopefully) enjoy reading. I have also added my preferred reading formats, and what you can expect if I agree to review your book.

Genres I Love

  • Contemporary and Literary Fiction
  • Fantasy (YA and Adult)
  • Romance (YA and Adult)
  • Thriller/Mystery
  • Historical Fiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • Middle Grade
  • Poetry

Genres I Do Not Read

  • Science Fiction
  • Horror
  • Erotica

Review Copy Format

I tend to prefer physical copies as I find them easier to read, but they are also easier to photograph and are more popular on my Instagram. However, I do also accept digital copies and I am on Netgalley if your book is available there.

My Reviews

I always prioritise ARCs and review requests and I will aim to read any book sent to me as soon as possible.

If it is a physical copy, I will also post a story on my Instagram when I receive the book.

For blog tours, I post a review on my blog. For other review requests, I will post a review on Goodreads and my Instagram, as well as my blog if I rated it 4 or 5 stars.

All of my reviews will be 100% honest, and I will never provide an inflated review or claim to enjoy a book if that is not the case. If I, for whatever reason, do not end up loving your book, I will contact you asking whether you wish for me to continue with my review and rating, or whether you are happy for me to mark it as a DNF and not review.

Of course, this is just my hobby (which does occasionally feel like a full-time job) and so my actual part-time job and university commitments have to take top priority, so bare with me, but I do always do my best to read and review books well in advance.

Do you have a book you’d like me to review? Visit my Contact page to submit a request.