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The Stone Thieves | Review

Title: The Stone Thieves and The Honourable Order of Inventors Author: Eddy Telviot Publisher: Self-Published Genre: Sci-Fi Rating: ★★★ The Stone Thieves is a YA sci-fi novel that combines chemistry with legend to create an interesting and complex novel filled with action, technology and intrigue. #gifted | I was very kindly sent a copy of… Continue reading The Stone Thieves | Review

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Idle Hands | Blog Tour

Title: Idle Hands Author: Cassondra Windwalker Publisher: Agora Books Genre: Contemporary / Literary Fiction, Thriller Rating: ★★★★★ Published: 23rd July 2020 (ebook) and 20th August 2020 (paperback) Idle Hands is a wickedly clever and dark story that will leave you contemplating everything you think you know about the devil. SPOILER LEVEL: LOW | This review… Continue reading Idle Hands | Blog Tour

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A Birthday Book Haul (and Books I Bought in June)

My birthday was on the 1st July and I had asked for quite a few books. I received all of the books that I asked for and even received a few surprises from some amazing bookstagrammers! I am so grateful for all the lovely messages I received on my birthday, and for every gift I… Continue reading A Birthday Book Haul (and Books I Bought in June)

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Lanny | Review

Title: Lanny Author: Max Porter Publisher: Faber & Faber Genre: Literary Fiction, Folklore Rating: ★★★★★ Lanny is a strange, enchanting and unnerving tale that will leave you feeling slightly uneasy. Combining mystery with the supernatural and the incredibly mundane, it will leave most of your questions unanswered and force you to think about it for… Continue reading Lanny | Review

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Re-evaluating My Rating System

Rating a book can be confusing. I can like and dislike wildly different elements of two books and yet the overall rating ends up the same. At the same time, there are a few things in books that almost always result in my star rating being lowered. And, the things that make me instantly dislike… Continue reading Re-evaluating My Rating System

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My 15 Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2020

It's no secret that I have a lot of books still to read on my shelves. It's also no secret that that doesn't stop me from a) buying new books, b) adding new books to my wish list and c) searching for future releases! I really love seeing videos and blog posts with anticipated releases… Continue reading My 15 Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2020