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Lanny | Review

Title: Lanny Author: Max Porter Publisher: Faber & Faber Genre: Literary Fiction, Folklore Rating: ★★★★★ Lanny is a strange, enchanting and unnerving tale that will leave you feeling slightly uneasy. Combining mystery with the supernatural and the incredibly mundane, it will leave most of your questions unanswered and force you to think about it for… Continue reading Lanny | Review

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Re-evaluating My Rating System

Rating a book can be confusing. I can like and dislike wildly different elements of two books and yet the overall rating ends up the same. At the same time, there are a few things in books that almost always result in my star rating being lowered. And, the things that make me instantly dislike… Continue reading Re-evaluating My Rating System

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Monstrous Souls | Blog Tour

Title: Monstrous Souls Author: Rebecca Kelly Publisher: Agora Books Genre: Mystery / Thriller Rating: ★★★ Published: 25th June 2020 (ebook and paperback) Monstrous Souls is a dark and harrowing thriller, examining what it means to be a victim, and how the past can catch up with you when you least expect it. SPOILER LEVEL: MEDIUM… Continue reading Monstrous Souls | Blog Tour

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Where the Crawdads Sing | Review

Title: Where the Crawdads Sing Author: Delia Owens Publisher: Corsair (Hachette) Genre: Contemporary / Literary Fiction, Thriller Rating: ★★★★★ SPOILER LEVEL: LOW | this review contains minor details about characters and plot elements. Isolated from the world, abandoned by everyone she once called family, young Kya is forced to grow up alone in the marshes.… Continue reading Where the Crawdads Sing | Review

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Before I Say I Do | Review

Title: Before I Say I Do Author: Vicki Bradley Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK Genre: Psychological Thriller / Crime / Police Procedural Rating: ★★★★★ Published: 28th May 2020 Before I Say I Do is a psychological thriller that will blow your mind, and scare you just a little bit! An unbelievable debut novel. SPOILER LEVEL:… Continue reading Before I Say I Do | Review

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Furious Thing | Review

Title: Furious Thing Author: Jenny Downham Publisher: David Fickling Books Genre: YA Rating: ★★.5 SPOILER ALERT | this review contains details about the novel’s ending and some specific scenes within the book This one really missed the mark for me. I thought it had huge potential, but there were too many things that I couldn’t… Continue reading Furious Thing | Review

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The Starless Sea | Review

Title: The Starless Sea Author: Erin Morgenstern Publisher: Doubleday Books (Penguin) Genre: Fantasy (fabulism) Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★ The Starless Sea is a literary work of art. All writing is art, but this novel is ART. It is beautiful and captivating and I fell utterly in love with it. I was enchanted by Morgenstern's wonderful prose, intricate… Continue reading The Starless Sea | Review

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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine | Review

Title: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine Author: Gail Honeyman Publisher: Harper Collins Genre: Contemporary Fiction Rating: ★★.5 SPOILER ALERT | this review contains some details about specific scenes within the book This is possibly the MOST hyped book I’ve ever seen on bookstagram (excluding hyped series) so I am in the minority of people that… Continue reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine | Review

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Saturdays At Noon | Blog Tour

Title: Saturdays at Noon Author: Rachel Marks Publisher: Michael J Books (Penguin) Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance Rating: ★★★★★ Emily doesn’t think she should be there. Jake just wants to save his marriage. Alfie can’t stop worrying. But somehow, they all end up spending their Saturdays at anger management class. Emily and Jake don’t see eye-to-eye, but… Continue reading Saturdays At Noon | Blog Tour

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Love for Imperfect Things | Blog Tour

Title: Love for Imperfect Things Author: Haemin Sunim Publisher: Penguin Random House Genre: Non-Fiction (Self Help) Firstly, I would really like to thank Penguin Random House for sending me this copy of Love for Imperfect Things in exchange for a post on their blog tour. In a wonderful case of irony, I am highlighting my… Continue reading Love for Imperfect Things | Blog Tour