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The Pretenders | Blog Tour | Arc Review

Title: The Pretenders Author: Agatha Zaza Publisher: Agora Books Genre: Family Drama Published: 3rd December (paperback); ebook out now The Pretenders is a darkly disturbing examination of family secrets, lies and the lengths people will go to to hide the truth. It is an interesting exploration of family dynamics, abuse and mental health. SPOILER LEVEL:… Continue reading The Pretenders | Blog Tour | Arc Review

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Blog Tour | When Life Gives You Mangoes

Title: When Life Gives You Mangoes Author: Kereen Getten Publisher: Pushkin Press Genre: Middle-grade Mystery Rating: ★★★★ Published: 1st October 2020 When Life Gives You Mangoes is an incredible middle-grade contemporary mystery novel that weaves together secrets, mysteries and rule-breaking to create a fast-paced and gripping book with a twist you won’t see coming.  SPOILER LEVEL:… Continue reading Blog Tour | When Life Gives You Mangoes

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The Flip Side | Blog Tour Spotlight

Title: The Flip Side Author: James Bailey Publisher: Penguin Random House Genre: Contemporary Romance Published: ebook available now (paperback release 26th November 2020) #gifted | I was invited to take part in the blog tour by Sriya Varadharajan (Press Officer) and given access to an e-arc on Netgalley. A quick disclaimer: originally, I was participating… Continue reading The Flip Side | Blog Tour Spotlight

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Idle Hands | Blog Tour

Title: Idle Hands Author: Cassondra Windwalker Publisher: Agora Books Genre: Contemporary / Literary Fiction, Thriller Rating: ★★★★★ Published: 23rd July 2020 (ebook) and 20th August 2020 (paperback) Idle Hands is a wickedly clever and dark story that will leave you contemplating everything you think you know about the devil. SPOILER LEVEL: LOW | This review… Continue reading Idle Hands | Blog Tour

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Monstrous Souls | Blog Tour

Title: Monstrous Souls Author: Rebecca Kelly Publisher: Agora Books Genre: Mystery / Thriller Rating: ★★★ Published: 25th June 2020 (ebook and paperback) Monstrous Souls is a dark and harrowing thriller, examining what it means to be a victim, and how the past can catch up with you when you least expect it. SPOILER LEVEL: MEDIUM… Continue reading Monstrous Souls | Blog Tour

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Saturdays At Noon | Blog Tour

Title: Saturdays at Noon Author: Rachel Marks Publisher: Michael J Books (Penguin) Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance Rating: ★★★★★ Emily doesn’t think she should be there. Jake just wants to save his marriage. Alfie can’t stop worrying. But somehow, they all end up spending their Saturdays at anger management class. Emily and Jake don’t see eye-to-eye, but… Continue reading Saturdays At Noon | Blog Tour

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Love for Imperfect Things | Blog Tour

Title: Love for Imperfect Things Author: Haemin Sunim Publisher: Penguin Random House Genre: Non-Fiction (Self Help) Firstly, I would really like to thank Penguin Random House for sending me this copy of Love for Imperfect Things in exchange for a post on their blog tour. In a wonderful case of irony, I am highlighting my… Continue reading Love for Imperfect Things | Blog Tour