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The Flip Side | Blog Tour Spotlight

Title: The Flip Side

Author: James Bailey

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: ebook available now (paperback release 26th November 2020)

#gifted | I was invited to take part in the blog tour by Sriya Varadharajan (Press Officer) and given access to an e-arc on Netgalley.

A quick disclaimer: originally, I was participating in this blog tour as a reviewer and unfortunately, due to personal preferences, this book was just not to my taste. As I don’t feel comfortable sharing less than positive reviews for blog tours (they are promotional, after all), I contacted Sriya and asked if I could swap my review to a spotlight. I definitely see this book’s appeal and I genuinely think a lot of readers will love it; sometimes, a book just isn’t for me. I will of course still be sharing my full and honest review, just at a later date.

So, I wanted to share a couple of snapshots from author’s reviews as well as provide you with the full synopsis, which you can find below:

‘Utterly adorable and romantic. I feel uplifted!’ Giovanna Fletcher

‘Like finding yourself in the middle of the warmest, funniest, most amazing romantic comedy you’ve ever come across’ Miranda Dickinson


Josh thinks it’s going to be the perfect proposal. They’re in a booth on the London Eye, it’s New Year’s Eve, there’s champagne and flowers – everything is just as he planned.

Until his girlfriend says no.

Suddenly Josh has no girlfriend, no job, and no home. Moving back home to live with his parents, who have felt-tipped over their HAPPY ENGAGEMENT banner to read HAPPY HOMECOMING, doesn’t help. Nor do his loyal friends and pub quiz team, the All-Jays. All he has left is a rabbit named Jeremy.

Something has to change.

So Josh decides that for every decision he makes, he’s going to flip a coin. After all, fate can’t do any worse a job than he has so far… right?

The Flip Side’s blog tour is continuing throughout the rest of August and into September, so you can find lots of amazing reviews on their platforms.

Let me know if you’ve read it or intend to read it and your thoughts!

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