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Bookshelf Tour

I know this sounds like something that would better suit a booktube video than a blog tour, but I don’t think I’ll be progressing to being on camera anytime soon…or ever. But, recently, I (and by ‘I’ I mean my parents) took down two existing shelves above my desk and replaced them with three slightly bigger shelves. I then re-organised my bookshelves, separating read from unread and arranging them by (rough) genres. It’s really helped me to see just how many books I have to read and will hopefully be a pretty big visual reminder whenever I’m tempted to buy more books. I’m not saying I won’t be buying any – as that just wouldn’t be true – but I will be trying to buy less.

So, firstly, my TBR bookshelves:

Top Shelf:

Across the left-hand side of this shelf are my mysteries, thrillers and crime books. Except for VOX and The Power – I didn’t really know where these fitted and I liked the mini red section I created! On the right-hand side I have placed all of my non-fiction and Penguin mini editions. Lady Susan and A Good Man is Hard to Find are technically fiction, but they fit well between the other Penguin books so I’ve kept them together.

Middle Shelf:

This shelf starts with historical fiction and moves across to literary fiction, which may or may not also be historical. Again, the exception is Bridge of Clay as I assumed it was historical fiction but apparently it might be fantasy! Literary fiction leads into contemporary fiction, and the beautiful Jenny Colgan’s Bookshop on the Shore separates them from my romances.

Bottom Shelf:

This shelf is definitely the most colourful shelf, so it’s no surprise that this is my fantasy, YA and Middle Grade shelf. I have fantasy on the left and I had to keep Woven in Moonlight facing outwards as it is so pretty. Fantasy them moves into Middle Grade fantasy and then contemporary Middle Grade and YA. The fact that I have quite a few exceptions shows I need to stop buying books based on the author or title without knowing what they’re about. I thought The Girl with all the Gifts would be a cute fantasy Middle Grade – then I watched a vlog where someone read it and apparently it’s a post-apocalyptic zombie horror novel!! I don’t really like reading about horror, or zombies, so I’m not sure how much I’m going to enjoy it but we’ll see! And then at the very end are my Matt Haig books and Bloom, the only graphic novel I own but haven’t read yet.

And then my read shelves:

I used to have all the books I’ve read and own on these shelves, but I’ve since been a bit ruthless and have made a pile of books that I didn’t love to offer to bookstagram/give to charity shops once I can go out. So, I’ve read every book on these shelves, but these aren’t the only books I’ve read over the past couple of years. They also don’t look as pretty as my unread shelves, and it’s hopefully going to motivate me to read more TBR books so that I can move them from the unread to read shelves and make them look prettier!

Top Shelf:

Honestly this shelf is a bit random. I have romances and contemporary fiction on the left and that moves towards historical fiction and then literary fiction. I then have some thrillers – I genuinely thought I’d read more than that but I clearly haven’t – and then the mess that is my non-fiction, poetry, short story and classics section. I definitely need to read more from those genres to make that section look a bit nicer. And the owl is just there to hold them up!

Bottom Shelf:

This shelf I love a bit more. I really need to read the rest of my Matt Haig books to form that stack again, and then I have a collection of some of my favourite books up to The Starless Sea, which is of course facing outwards. And then it goes a bit random again. I have fantasy books that feed into Middle Grade/YA fantasy, graphic novels and then contemporary YA/Middle Grade. And I also noticed that I kept The Night Circus with The Starless Sea and I haven’t read it yet, so that needs moving back to the unread shelves.

TBR Cart:

I don’t have a picture of this but it’s quite empty anyway. The bottom shelf of this has all of my Christmas books on it as I didn’t know where else to put them, and then the second shelf has a few ARCs I still need to read and any other books I have to read over the month, such as buddy reads. I’m also hoping to place books I’ve read but haven’t reviewed on there so that I can make sure I review books straightaway, rather than letting them pile up and forgetting to review them.

And those are my bookshelves. I love them all a lot and am very happy with how the shelves look. It has definitely made my desk area a lot prettier and my book nook is now beneath all of the books I’ve read and enjoyed.

How do you organise your bookshelves? Do you separate read from unread? Do you organise alphabetically, by genre, or by colour?

11 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour

  1. Ha. I love that you won’t be on camera any time soon. I feel the exact same way. Plus I would rather read about it any way. Shelves look great. I particularly like how the sloth is lying on a shelf that looks no longer straight. Perfect. Merry Christmas.


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