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My 15 Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2020

It’s no secret that I have a lot of books still to read on my shelves. It’s also no secret that that doesn’t stop me from a) buying new books, b) adding new books to my wish list and c) searching for future releases! I really love seeing videos and blog posts with anticipated releases as it usually results in at least one or two more books that I hadn’t previously heard of being added to my wish list, and I wanted to hopefully do the same with my anticipated reads! I was also originally planning on doing 10, but I had to amend it to 15 after I realised how many books I’m looking forward to reading (and I doubt this is all of them!).

I quite like going into books with only a vague sense of what the book is about, so I won’t be recounting the entire Amazon/Goodreads synopsis. Instead, I’ll be sharing the information I do know about each book and the reason I added it to my wish list! All of the release dates are based off Amazon UK.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians by H. G. Parry

Released on 25th June 2020

This one may be out by the time this post actually goes live, but at the moment it is still an anticipated release. This is a historical fantasy novel that recounts major historical and political events…but with magic. That’s it. That’s all I know about this book, and that is enough for me to want to read it. It also gives me The Starless Sea vibes with atmospheric, whimsy-style writing, which I am a massive fan of.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

Released on 7th July 2020

This is set 200 years after the tale of Cinderella and women are expected to find a husband at a ball. The women that are not chosen by any man are never heard from again. Sophia, the main character, is Black, queer and feminist, and would rather marry her female best friend than any man. She makes the decision to flee before the ball, and teams up with the last known descendant of Cinderella to uncover the truth about the tale. This sounds amazing, and I am really looking forward to reading it.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown

Released on 9th July 2020

This is technically cheating — I have listened to this as an audiobook as it already available on Scribd, but the hardback version isn’t released in the UK until the 9th July. I may have even splurged on the Fairyloot exclusive edition of it because it is so beautiful, and I already know I love the book. This is easily one of my favourite books of 2020, and is my favourite fantasy book of all time.

This is the first book in a duology inspired by West African folklore. It is a world of hidden magic, where everyone is assigned a patron deity and alignment based on the day of the week they are born on, which then determines the type of magic a person is able to use (anyone that has read this book, I am fire-aligned and my patron deity is Ɔsebɔ the Leopard). If you love magical worlds, enemies to lovers romance, angst, and incredible plots, you need to buy this book.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

Loveless by Alice Oseman

Released on 9th July 2020

I still haven’t read an Alice Oseman book (unless you count Heartstopper vol 1) even though every one of her books sounds amazing! Loveless is about a girl who has never had a crush on anyone and how she navigates love and romance as she starts university. It features asexual and aromatic representation, and is novel of self-acceptance. I am looking forward to reading this and the rest of Alice Oseman’s books soon!

Image courtesy of Goodreads

The Extraordinaries by TJ Klume

Released on 14th July 2020

I added this to my wishlist a while ago but its release date was pushed back from March to July. This is a queer coming-of-age novel about Nick, who would much rather be one of city’s superheroes than its biggest fanfiction writer. When he meets one of these superheroes (who I’m pretty sure he has a massive crush on), he is determined to become extraordinary too. I am actually part of the blog tour for this with @pridebooktours so look out for my review towards the end of the month.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulos

Released on 23rd July 2020

I won’t lie – this is a complete cover buy (even though I haven’t bought it…yet). It’s so pretty. And I did actually read the synopsis for this one, and it became even better. In this world, magic exists but is frowned upon, and a group of friends form an amateur magic club. Their love of magic (and each other) is threatening to tear their friendship apart and, if that’s not enough, they are also being targeted by some dodgy magic users (magickers I think they are called). It sounds amazing, and I’m so excited for it.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

Quintessence by Jess Redman

Released on 28th July 2020

I spotted this on Netgalley and whilst I didn’t request it (because I am trying very hard not to request too many books on there) I really want to read it. It is a fantasy Middle Grade novel about a young girl who is suffering from homesickness, loneliness and panic attacks. When she sees a shooting star that looks a lot like a child, she knows she must search for it – because she knows what it means to be alone. I am really loving Middle Grade at the moment and the way they are able to tackle difficult subjects whilst also being fun and filled with adventure, and Quintessence sounds perfect.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

More Than Just a Pretty Face by Syed Masood

Released on 4th August 2020

I think this is the only romance I have on this whole list of anticipated reads, which I was not expecting! But, this sounds like a really cute YA romance novel where a boy called Danyal is determined to prove to his crush’s family that he would make a great marriage prospect for their daughter, Kaval. In doing so, he may just realise that love has been staring at him this whole time. I love cute romance novels, and I am looking forward to picking this one up.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Released on 13th August 2020

Matt Haig is a definite auto-buy author for me, and I really want to read his upcoming release, The Midnight Library. However, I still really need to finish reading his existing fiction novels and, as all of my other books by him are paperbacks, I kinda want to wait until this comes out in paperback before I get it. A woman has the chance to relive her life: to make different choices, say different things, take different paths and undo her regrets. As she does so, she finds out what it means to live. I love the way Matt Haig’s writing encompasses discussions about mental health and I suspect this book will be no exception. Can I wait until the paperback? My track record says no, but I can hope.

*Editing Megan here* Not only did I fail to wait for the paperback, I also splurged on the Goldborough Edition because it was too pretty…I did use money I received for my birthday though, so it doesn’t count!

Image courtesy of Goodreads

A Girl Made of Air by Nydia Hetherington

Released on 3rd September 2020

I have been very jealous of the stunning proof copies of this going out to a look of book bloggers and bookstagrammers recently, and I am looking forward to getting a regular copy when it comes out. This is a fantasy set in a circus, with a funambulist (or tightrope walker if you’re like me and hadn’t heard of that before) that is able to weave magic in search of a missing child. The writing style has been compared to The Night Circus and that alone makes me want to read it. I am still yet to read The Night Circus but The Starless Sea is my favourite book of all-time, so I am fairly certain I will love it, and any books that are compared to it!

Image courtesy of Goodreads

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

Released on 15th September 2020

This is another book I saw on Twitter and added to my wish list based solely on the cover. It definitely looks like a magical fantasy book and it is! It is a twist on the classic legend of Merlin, in which a young girl unlocks her magical abilities when said Merlin fails to wipe her memory of magic. She learns of a magical society, Legendborn, and must choose between joining them, or taking them down. It sounds incredible, and I am very excited for it to be released.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

Early Departures by Justin A Reynolds

Released on 22nd September 2020

I loved Justin A Reynold’s debut Opposite of Always in a way I didn’t think I’d ever be able to love a book based on a time loop. It was amazing, witty, and heartbreaking; I listened to the audiobook and I remember listening to some of it whilst trying not to cry when walking home from university. I really loved the audiobook so I might have to get the audiobook version of Early Departures too. It definitely sounds like a book that’ll make me cry though, so I’ll be listening to it inside!! Technology allows Jamal’s dead best friend, Q, to live for a few week before he dies once more – permanently this time. Before Q died, his relationship with Jamal had been rocky and filled with secrets. Given a second chance, Jamal is determined fix everything, even if he can’t tell Q the truth about his recent demise.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

Released on 29th September 2020

So the cover of this is stunning, but I was initially drawn to the single sentence synopsis that someone used on Twitter to describe this book: “you graduate, or you die”. That’s a bit like what regular university feels like, but in this school it is a lot less metaphorical. It is a magical school in which you either graduate by defeating monsters (I think) or you are killed. The book focuses on a single student, who is powerful enough to destroy all of the monsters lurking outside the school, but, if she does use her powers, she will probably kill all of the students as well. It sounds incredible, and is also meant to be quite funny, and I cannot wait to read it.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Released on 1st October 2020

I know a lot of people are eagerly awaiting the release of this one. From what I have heard, a trans boy aims to prove his worth to his strict Latinx family by summoning the ghost of his murdered cousin and solving his murder. Instead, he accidentally summons a completely different ghost, who then refuses to leave. It sounds both funny and heartbreaking, and I am looking forward to seeing what early reviewers think of it!

Image courtesy of Goodreads

When Life Gives You Mangoes by Kereen Getten

Released on 1st October 2020

And finally, When Life Give You Mangoes. This sounds like a fun, mystery-style Middle Grade novel about a young girl, Clara, who can’t remember anything about the previous summer. She begins to uncover her family’s secrets with the help of another girl who recently moved to their island, and is forced to confront her past as her memory slowly returns. It has definitely intrigued me and I can’t tell whether it is going to be fun and cute, or if it will actually be a little bit darker and more sinister. Either way, I want to read it!

Phew! That was a lot of books! I am actually surprised to see that my love for fantasy has fully revived itself this year! Are any of these on your anticipated reads list? Are you adding any of them? What other books are you looking forward to?

11 thoughts on “My 15 Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2020

  1. loveless, a song of wraiths and ruin & cinderella is dead are on my anticipated books list too! I get physically stressed out thinking about all the backlist books I have yet to read and I keep watching and reading blog posts and videos about new releases and I just want to give myself a break because WOW there are so many good things out there I’ll probably never get to read (and more keep coming out) and I also like going into books with a very vague knowledge of whats in it too! I like being surprised haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I try not to let it stress me but occasionally it can be overwhelming!! They’ll never be enough time to read everything, so I just try to pick my favourites and read as much as I can! I don’t like to form too many expectations of how a book will turn out, so I also prefer being surprised!


  2. I’m really looking forward to A Song of Wrath and Ruin, although I’ve already done a book order for this month, so can’t justify it.

    I’ve seen a lot of negative things about A Deadly Education, although the premise sounds far too interesting for me to give it a miss!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would really recommend it! I’ve also seen some negative reviews and as I haven’t read anything by the author before it’s not one I’ll be rushing to buy, but I would still like to pick it up at some point!


  3. There are so many books on here I also want to read! Especially Loveless. I love Alice Oseman. Also Cinderella is Dead and a Song of Wraiths and Ruins both sound fantastic. I hadn’t heard of The fascinators but I love the sound of the plot and have added it to my tbr list

    Liked by 1 person

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