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10 Ways to Add Audiobooks to your Daily Routine

I was very skeptical about audiobooks when I first started bookstagram, and I still am quite picky (if I don’t like the narrator’s voice, I can’t listen to it), but I’ve gone from listening to no audiobooks at all to audiobooks making up about half of my total reading over the past 6 months. I now love listening to audiobooks. They are a great way to pass the time whilst doing activities you already do anyway, and they can really help you get back into reading, up your reading totals, or learn more about a topic.

10 ways to add audiobooks to your daily routine

I have loved incorporating audiobooks into my daily life, and I wanted to share 10 effortless ways to add audiobooks to your daily routine. You can listen to audiobooks:

1. In the Shower

If you listen to music in the shower (or if you don’t), try swapping it out for an audiobook. Maybe set it so you only listen to a chapter so you don’t end up spending hours in there!

2. Whilst Cooking or Baking

I’ve been really enjoying baking at the moment, and have been listening to audiobooks whilst prepping the ingredients, and whilst it’s baking. It can make a 40 prep time fly by, and you get food at the end of it!

3. Whilst Cleaning

I hate cleaning. I love things being clean and tidy, but there aren’t many chores I enjoy (does anyone??). But then I started listening to audiobooks whilst cleaning, and suddenly cleaning is a lot more manageable. I am now more than happy to dust all my shelves and fold my clothes whilst listening to Seanan McGuire.

The only issue I have is vacuuming–either you turn the volume up dangerously high, or wait til the end of the chapter, quickly vacuum, then resume the audiobook.

4. On your Commute

This one is more for when we all go back to having jobs and, you know, leaving the house. Taking public transportation, that sort of thing. But current world crises’ aside, commuting is a great time to listen to an audiobook. Instead of (or as well as) scrolling endlessly on social media, you can also read a book. Over the course of the week, that can easily be one or even two books.

5. During your Lunch Break

This depends on how anti-social you’re feeling. If you’re like me, then very, and you’ll definitely want to spend an hour with your headphones on ignoring people than interacting with them! Kidding, I usually spend lunch alone at university because my friends and I don’t have similar schedules. So I tend to listen to an audiobook whilst I eat, and it means I don’t start with YouTube or Netflix and *forget* to go back to working.

6. To Fall Asleep To

I haven’t actually tried this one, but I still think it’s a good place to fit audiobooks into your day. If you can’t turn your brain off when trying to get to sleep, listening to an audiobook might help. I think most audiobook apps have the option to ‘Sleep’ after an amount of time, so you can choose to just listen to 10 or 20 minutes and hopefully be asleep straight after.

7. During Exercise

Admittedly, I am not doing enough exercise at the moment, but if I was, I’d be listening to an audiobook whilst doing it. If I am invested in the book, my workout can fly by and I won’t even realise, as my focus will be on the book, not on the screaming pain in my non-existent ab muscles.

8. Whilst Doing Your Make Up (or Skincare Routine)

Whether you spend 5 minutes or an hour on your make up and skincare, it’s still time where you can easily add in listening to an audiobook.

9. Whilst Driving

If you’re driving to the shops, work, university, whatever, instead of listening to music or sitting in silence, you can spend the time listening to an audiobook.

10. Whilst Reading (a bit of a cop-out)

I also haven’t done this, but I’ve seen a few people recommending it on BookTube. If you’re struggling to concentrate whilst reading, listening along to the audiobook at the same time as physically reading might help you maintain your concentration. Technically you’re not reading *more*, but it might stop you from putting the book down.

So, those are 10 ways to add audiobooks into your daily routine. I hope that if you’ve been wanting to listen to more audiobooks, this has helped give you a few ideas on how to incorporate them into your day.

And, if you liked this post, you might like my post on 5 Ways to Read More Books.

Happy listening x

5 thoughts on “10 Ways to Add Audiobooks to your Daily Routine

  1. I’ve just done a morning jog listening to My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella and actually really enjoyed it, it’s the first time I’ve listened to an audio book but it definitely made the workout a lot easier!


  2. I listened to Sophie Kinsella’s My Not So Perfect Life on my morning jog today, it was the first time I’ve ever listened to an audio book but I actually really liked it and it made the run seem quite a bit easier as I was focused on the story rather than where I was going x

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  3. It seems I’ve come across this post at the perfect time! I really struggle with audiobooks, because I have an auditory processing disorder that makes it difficult for me to focus on multiple sounds at once. So if there’s background noise, it’s impossible for me to listen to an audiobook because I won’t retain any of the information.

    But I recently read a post giving tips for getting started with audiobooks, and picked a short one to test out my comprehension skills when reading books via audio. I originally was listening while working on a cleaning project, but now that my project is completed, I’ve just been walking around my room while I listen. This post has given me so many great ideas for other ways I can incorporate listening to the book into my daily routine!

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