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5 Ways to Get Out of a Book Slump

At times, everyone ends up in a book slump. Maybe your last read was just so good that no other book will ever be able to come close and you can’t possibly pick up another book?! Or maybe you really weren’t interested in the last book you started, and now you’re not sure you even like reading. Or you’ve been so ridiculously busy with everything else in your life that you haven’t picked up a book in a week and now you don’t feel like reading ever again. Whatever the reason, people fall into book slumps all the time. The trick is getting out of them again.

Here are some different things you can try to get you out of a book slump and back on the reading train:

1. Have a Re-Read

I am going to bet that almost everyone has a list of books that they would love to read again, and there’s never a better time to pick up a book you already know you love than when you’re not sure you want to read. Re-reading will (hopefully) remind you that you LOVE reading and that there are so many great books for you out there.

2. Read a Really Really Long Book

You might be thinking, really?? I don’t want to read, and you want me to pick up a massive, chunky book!?! Yes. It can be easy to fall into a reading slump if you’re trying to achieve a big reading goal, or you feel like you haven’t read enough books yet this month, or there are still 57 gazillion books on your physical tbr and you’ll never be able to read them all. When reading a huge book, you’re in it for the long game. It isn’t about quantity, it’s about the enjoyment of reading. So, reading something that you know you won’t be able to finish in a few hours or a couple of days means you have to concentrate on enjoying the reading process.

3. Read a Really Really Short Book

Now you’re thinking, that’s more like it. But also, you’re kinda sending mixed signals here. And you’d be right. Even though I have just advocated for reading a really really long book in order to remind you that you read for fun and enjoyment, not so you can read X number of books, it can sometimes be important to just finish a book. It depends on the reason you’re in a slump. If you’ve DNFed your last 3 books, or have spent 2 weeks reading a single book as you just can’t find the time, reading a super short book (I’m talking less than 200 pages, a novella, comic or graphic novel, that sort of thing) can make you feel like you’ve accomplished something and can give you that spark of motivation to keep reading.

4. Read Something Not on Your TBR

Having a seemingly endless list of books on your TBR is a pretty common source of a reading slump. What’s the point of reading when by the time you’ve finished one book, you’ve already added 6 books to your Amazon wish list and ordered everything that’s been sat in your Book Depository cart? It’s important not to make reading something you worry about–there’s enough things to worry about already–so tell your TBR where to shove it and read something that’s not even on there. You don’t have to order another new book (but feel free to) – you can take something out of the library, borrow a book from a friend or search for the Kindle daily deals. Read the book that catches your eye in the store window or the suggested tab, or that one your favourite bookstagrammer is always raving about but isn’t actually on your TBR.

5. Stay Away from Netflix

If you’re in a bit of a reading slump, it can be so tempting to just binge an entire season of a TV series. And you should definitely binge watch TV sometimes, but this shouldn’t replace your reading time. It can be even harder to find the motivation to pick up a book if the last episode you watched ended on a cliffhanger and all you have to do is click one button for the next one. Watching TV is such a passive action that reading can feel like it requires a lot of effort, so try staying away from the tele (and your phone!) during the evening and reaching for your book instead!

So, those are my 5 tips for getting you out of a reading slump. Let me know if you have any other tips, or if you’ve tried any of these before?

8 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get Out of a Book Slump

  1. I completely agree with reading long books! I don’t usually try it but I find that there’s less pressure for me to finish it if it’s understandably thick. Reading short books tho is the easiest “cure” ahahhhaha novellas from (which are free!) are often my go to as well as graphic novels :>

    Switching up genres is also pretty effective for me especially if I just read adult sf/f I’ll be reading a light romance or jap contemporary (which are very short and therapeutic!!! they’re often contemplative also)

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  2. “Stay away from Netflix” its so true and the most helpful tip but I always hate to hear it 😂 rereading definitely helps a LOT, and reading a long, highly anticipated novel from a favourite author also gets me out of slumps!

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