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My Top Five Reads of 2020 (so far)

I thought I would have a look at all the books I’ve read this year so far and rank my top five. I’m intrigued to see how my favourites list changes over the course of the year, and whether anyone of these will be knocked off by future reads. And it might also give you a couple of recommendations, since there’s never a bad time to buy more books!

So here are my top five reads of 2020 so far, ranked:

5. Nevermoor

This middle grade fantasy novel is very hyped on bookstagram, but after I read it I could definitely see why. You are flung into a complex and detailed world, but full of magic and wonder, and something a lot more sinister. You know that something else is going on, something bigger than what you can see, but you can’t see how all the pieces of the story fit together until the very end. I really love that this book was both plot driven and character driven, as the two couldn’t be separated and I loved both learning more about the characters and the new world. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

4. Where the Crawdads Sing

This book really made me appreciate the slow-paced books. Where the Crawdads sing follows a young girl, isolated and abandoned by everyone in her family, and her journey of survival all the way through her childhood into adulthood. There is also a murder mystery element to the story that I really enjoyed, and found the conclusion of the novel really satisfying. I would highly recommend it, even if you’re usually more of a fast-paced book lover.

3. The Nightingale

Reading in 2020 started off well as this was my first read of the year and I absolutely loved it! It’s a historical fiction novel set during World War 2, exploring the lives of two sisters as they do whatever they can to survive the war, but in very different, and equally brave, ways. Once this story got going, it gripped me and it did not let me go. I really loved the characters and had my heart broken by the story a couple of times. A great book to me is one where I am genuinely scared for the characters–I NEED to know that they’re okay–and this book really did that.

2. Three Hours

I DEVOURED this book. I was completely captured by this novel from the very first page, and I just knew I was going to love it. It follows a group of schoolchildren and teachers after a school shooting takes place. Three Hours made me fall in love with characters I barely knew so quickly and forced me to keep turning the pages as the narratives flicked between characters. It was almost impossible to put this book down when I was reading it on the train. It was such a powerful and thought-provoking read, and I will definitely want to reread this one at some poin

1. The Starless Sea

The Starless Sea is one of my favourite books of all time. I adored every single page, and will never be able to stop thinking about it. If you haven’t seen my full review, all I can say is this book is an absolute work of art. A stunningly beautiful work of fiction whose writing has no equal. I am still enchanted by Erin Morgenstern’s captivating prose, intricate world and complex characters, and I don’t think I’ll get over it anytime soon. I will keep searching for books that make me fall in love with their stories quite like this one did.

So those are my top five books of 2020 so far. I’m interested to see if any or all of these make it through to the top five at the end of 2020. I doubt anything can top The Starless Sea though! What are your top five books of 2020 so far? What are you still anticipating?

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