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A Collection of the Weird Things I’ve Done Since Joining Bookstagram

When I joined bookstagram in July 2019, I only knew I wanted to read more books. I didn’t know that I’d end up falling in love with the bookstagram community, start a blog, love taking photographs and changing up my style, become obsessed with charity shops or end up with over 100 physical books on my tbr.

I also didn’t know that I’d end up getting texts from my mum saying “do you want these?” with a picture of a table of books in a service station, or that I’d precariously balance on the edge of my bed with my phone in one hand and a lamp in the other, trying to get good lighting for a photo because my university bedroom is a black hole that sucks all of the natural daylight out of the room.

Thinking about it, I have done quite a few odd things for the sake of bookstagram (or made family members do them) and what better place to document them than here. So here is a collection of the strange, weird and random things I have done since joining bookstagram.

I’m a book wizard

1. Thrown a book into the air to photograph it for a wizarding challenge

2. Subsequently tied said book to the ceiling with some clear string thing as I massively failed on taking a photo whilst the book was in the air

3. Cried after reorganising my books by genre because they didn’t look pretty enough, and having to reorganise them all back into rainbow order

4. Complained about it being TOO sunny (in ENGLAND) and attempted elaborate methods to literally. block. out. the. sun. Like tucking my blanket into my blind to try and create a black-out curtain. I do not recommend trying this

just one of the many coffees I sacrificed

5. Made numerous coffees for bookstagram photos that have gone very cold by the time I’ve finished, and either drank them cold or had to make another coffee to actually drink

6. Carried a ridiculous amount of books (I think the record was 14) across the country on multiple trains home from university because I wanted to take photos of those books and needed to use the bedding I have at home

7. Similarly, taken two suitcases (one large, one small) home for the Easter break, sacrificing quite a few clothes so that I could take home all of my books that were at uni, and they would only fit in the large suitcase

8. Also, based my purchase of new bedding for a double bed at university on how nice it would look as a background for bookstagram photos, only for it to not actually make a good background *eyeroll*

9. Become physically incapable of walking past a charity shop, regardless of where I am or why I am out, without having to go in to look at the books

10. Dragging my mum into a lot of said charity shops, to the extent that I have Pavloved her into going into charity shops without me and now I frequently get messages with a whole bookshelf and a “Do you want any of these?” message

11. The same thing occurs during any occasion where there might be a book, i.e. a service station, someone clearing out their loft, garden centres, EVERYWHERE

12. Me absolutely loving the fact that everyone sends me pictures of books

13. Making a bookstack far too tall for me to reasonably take the photo with one hand whilst holding the stack with the other and having to get my brother to lean over my shoulder to take the photo for me as if I’d taken it myself

14. Required both an extra shelf and a TBR cart only 3 months after my parents put in the first bookshelf. Oops

15. Stood on the edge of my bed frame multiple times to get enough height on my photos, in full view of the window, so anyone walking past definitely thinks I’m a little odd

I could probably go on, and I’m sure I’ll do more things in the future to make a part II of this, but for now I’ll leave it at that. Have you done any of these? Do you have any to add?

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