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#junerereadathon | A Readathon Announcement

I love rereading books.

I had such an obsession with rereading my favourite books when I was younger than I barely ever bought any new books, and instead read the same three series on repeat. I loved them so much that I didn’t want to spend time reading any other books when I could be reading those.

I have changed quite drastically since then (my overflowing bookshelves can attest to that) but I still enjoy rereading my favourite books. I don’t prioritise rereading, as it seems a waste with my ever-growing tbr pile and new releases, but I wanted to make time for rereading my favourite books at some point this year. I decided I would do it during June – the month of my exams. What better time to relax with favourite characters and storylines than when extremely stressed and sick of revision? Unfortunately (fortunately?), I no longer have exams this year, but I am still going to be spending the month rereading my favourite novels.

I wanted to try and make this is a proper readathon, and invite other people to join me in rereading some of their favourite books! If you’d been thinking of having a reread, or want to experience your favourite books all over again, then I’d love it if you could join me!

I’m going to be using the hashtag #junerereadathon over on Instagram to share my tbr and the progress I make over the course of the month! If you join in, please use the hashtag and/or tag me @thebookishlinguist on whatever social media platform you use so that I can see.

It’s going to be a month-long readathon, but it doesn’t have any prompts or goals, other than to read at least one book that you’ve read and loved before! It’s going to be a very chilled, relaxed readathon, as it would have been if I had been sitting my exams, so there’s no pressure. I’m hoping to make some nice graphics to go with it so that I and anyone else that wishes to join me can share their progress.

Hopefully I’ll be sharing those along with my full tbr closer to the start of June.

I hope you’ll join me in rereading some of your favourite books!

Meg x

6 thoughts on “#junerereadathon | A Readathon Announcement

  1. Askfjhefgbke!!! YES! I was just thinking of all the great books I want to re-read, but also feeling bad because of all the new ones I still have to read… But this is the perfect motivation!! I’ll join the readathon, thank you so much for the idea!

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