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2020 Reading Goals

I know some people are against New Years’ Resolutions, but I actually really enjoy goal-setting at the beginning of the year. Is anyone else the same? The new year is a great time to think about what you have been enjoying, what you’d like to do more of, and even what you’d like to do less. I’ve made quite a few goals for this year, and several of them concern reading and bookstagram. I also find that writing them down helps to keep yourself accountable (and makes sure I don’t forget any!).

Read 100 Books

Quantity isn’t everything, and although I think this is an ambitious goal, I think it should be possible. I won’t be stressing out about it though, and it’s not all about the numbers. The main aim of this goal is to ensure I am prioritising reading over, say, endlessly scrolling on instagram and twitter, refreshing my feed on loop instead of picking up my current read!

Cut My Physical TBR in Half

Since entering the wonderful world of bookstagram, the number of new books I have been exposed to has dramatically increased, and has directly correlated with the number of books I’ve been buying. On top of that, I have discovered the amazingness (is that a word?) of charity shops, and have found many absolute bargains! This means my physical TBR has entered worryingly high double figures, and if I carry on in 2020 as I have in 2019, that number will only grow! So I am committing to reading as much as possible, and resisting the urge to buy more books, particularly new ones (how could I resist 50p books in brand new condition?!).

Be Selective About Accepting Review Copies

Following on from my previous goal, I need to be a bit more selective about the books I request and accept to review. I am very grateful to have been able to receive some wonderful books from several publishers, and I am always so honoured whenever an author contacts me that I find it difficult to say no. Not to mention Netgalley! But it has meant neglecting my TBR in favour of review books, and led to feeling a little overwhelmed by all the unread books! This year, I need to ensure I only accept books that I really, really want to read, and to not get overexcited about the prospect of receiving so many wonderful books!

Read a Graphic Novel

The next couple of goals all concern widening the genres and styles I read, and the one I am most excited for is reading more graphic novels. The ones I’ve seen have such beautiful artwork, and I have my eye on quite a few! I only own one though – The Handmaid’s Tale – and I am really looking forward to reading this book in graphic novel form.

Read More Middle Grade

Another genre I’d really like to read more of is middle grade. I have seen some series and standalone books recommended on bookstagram and booktube, and would really like to read some. I recently bought The Girl Who Speaks Bear and the first in the Nevermoor series using some vouchers I received for Christmas, and I will hopefully read them early this year. I am hoping they will be quick and fun reads whenever I’m in the mood for something lighter.

Did you set any reading goals for 2020? What are they?

28 thoughts on “2020 Reading Goals

      1. It’s been my goal for several years running. Although I haven’t made that goal the last two or so years


  1. These look like great goals and I hope you manage to fulfill all of them! My reading goal for 2020 is to read more diversely and make use of my TBR jar – especially my section dedicated to Netgalley copies!

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  2. Fantastic reading goals! I completely agree that getting review copies is lovely, but can make you feel pressured, especially if you’re a mood reader or life gets in the way of a timely review. Charity shops are both amazing and dangerous!

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  3. Good luck with your bookish goals this year! I think they all sound very reasonable. I always think of how much time I waste on social media or worse yet–mindless phone games–when I could be reading. I want to try to cut back on those and read more. I hope you have a Happy New Year!

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      1. I came back to MG after many years- like you wrote about school thumping reading for pleasure out of a person that’s exactly what happened to me and it took years to get it back! I hope that you enjoy the hope and magical power of potential that these books explore!!

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  4. I like setting goals for the new year as well but I don’t really share a lot of them because I probably wont accomplish them 😂 I’m planning on read a lot more non fiction, classics and some romance. But literally just any book I stumble upon that sounds interesting, I’ll read haha

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