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I love Scribd — an ebook and audiobook subscription service where, for £9.49 a month, you get access to a huge selection of books, including really recent releases. I have been subscribed to Scribd for about 6 months and they are my favourite subscription-based book platform. For me, it’s better value for money than platforms like Audible; I can access far more titles per month and have more than enough selection on Scribd. You don’t keep audiobooks in a ‘library’ like you do in Audible, but that’s something I’m personally not interested in. With Scribd, there’s easily enough audiobooks available to me that makes picking the ones I want to read each month extremely difficult.

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Hi, I’m Meg, a 20-year-old linguistics student from the UK. I can usually be found with a book in one hand, a coffee in the other, and a cat at my feet.

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